Banking Ombudsman

The Banking Ombudsman
70 Gray's Inn Road, London WC1X 8NB, TEL: 44 171 404 9944

The Banking Ombudsman (BO), Mr. David Thomas; Sir David Calcutt, Chairman of 'the Council' of BO; Mr. Gordon Adams, clerk to 'the Council'; Sir Trevor McDonald, member of 'the Council'; Solicitor Mr. G D Debere; Ms. C Mortimer
and many others officials from BO office.

I had hundreds of pages of correspondence and many telephone conversations, which were sometimes recorded with and without their permission. I did not talk to either Sir David or Trevor McDonald on telephone but Trevor sent me a polite letter.

Debere - a waffler investigated only a part of my complaints. He was not only incompetent, negligent and lacking common sense but he also lied to me. He failed to investigate many crucial points. A few of these points are as follows:

  • The file relating to correspondence about Natwest charge on my property had disappeared from bank's record and could not be traced.

  • BO failed to investigate lies of Tallyn , fiddling of dates and notes made by the Bank, and deceitful acts amounting to fraud. Debere deliberately ignored that Tallyn was not at all a credible Natwest official.

  • BO refused to ask the bank some of the crucial questions I asked.

David Thomas, the Banking Ombudsman only rubber stamped Debere's report or so called adjudication. Although David Thomas was amicable in our initial lengthy telephone conversation but lacked guts to overrule Debere. In addition, David Thomas reluctantly informed me to write to Gordon Adams. Image of Thomas's position was more important to him. Thomas signs his name in clear handwriting in Annual Report of BO but it was such a muddled signature in his letters to me.

Gordan Adams: I sent faxes to him and requested him firmly to present my letters/faxes to 'the Council' of the BO. He refused to do so. Adams replied that he decides what agenda is put in front of 'the Council'. He came across to me as another waffler and a man of no action.

The only person that was helpful and understanding was Ms Clare Mortimer, complaints officer.

In conclusion, the Banking Ombudsman is ineffective, inefficient, and toothless. It is more concerned about projecting its image and producing irrelevant statistics than doing a proper job for consumer complaints. This is an organization of paper shufflers. The BO is not independant because its staff is indirectly on the payroll of the banks.

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