Law Firms

Law Firms

  • Dibb Lupton Alsop (DLA) - Solicitors for Natwest Bank
    125 London Wall, London EC2Y SAE, TEL: 44 345 262728áááá
    á ááááááááááá
  • Hamlin Slowe - Solicitors for National Home Loans (now Paragon Finance)
    ááááááááááá ááááá áááááááá
    - my mortgage company - 'the collaborators'
    Hamlin Slowe - Roxburghe House, 273-287 Regent Street, London W1A 4SQ
                             TEL: 44 171 629 1209

Mr. Laurence Lieberman is a young solicitor working for DLA in association with Mr. McGarth - a barrister acting for DLA. Laurence is not only stupid and na´ve but he and McGarth made untruthful statements. Laurence was more concerned about the payment of his bills for his salary by DLA. In his recent statements to the court, he deliberately hid facts and misinformed courts. He fails to disclose the name of his superior who is hiding behind the seat and using Laurence as a pawn. It did not matter to Laurence what unethical methods he employes.

Mr. Anthony Bloom, solicitor is on the pay roll of Hamlin Slowe. He could not conduct the case himself and had another barrister to argue the case. Bloom had no ethics and he lied in court while taking oath with Bible. In one example of these lies, he informed the court that he used an equipment that took time for each telephone conversation with me. In one of our many telephone, his equipment (very modern and up to date recorded our conversation to be between 6 to 12 minutes but the account bill from my telephone company clearly stated that this telephone conversation between Bloom any myself was just over 4 minutes). Bloom was rebuked by the Master in very mild English way. If Hamlin Slowe solicitor could lie about this small matter in order to suck more money from their clients/opponents then one can imagine how far these people go in order to win case. There were other serious lies from Bloom and his barrister. Mr. Bloom assisted NHL to cover up negligence and deceit.

National Home Loans (NHL): Mr. Terrington (Managing Director) and Mr. Nigel Burgess (Director) of NHL, are sophisticated crooks who were apathetic in stopping mistakes of the company's employees.

Below are some the tactics and high-handed methods used by these law firms with no ethical standards - knowing that I was litigant in person.

  • Sending 70 pages of fax at my home telephone line and sometimes faxes coming late in the evening although I had told them not to send faxes of more than 2-3 pages.

  • Producing some precedent case papers just on the morning of the court hearing. Some of these cases were over 20 year old.

  • Sending letters/faxes using Latin words and incomprehensible English language. Actually one of the judges rebuked Mr. McGarth in the court.

  • Conniving and collaborating behind my back between Natwest and Paragon Finance.

  • Refusing deliberately to answer my questions that I asked to these solicitors of DLA and Hamlin Slowe in writing.

  • Vital correspondence disappearing from their files as two companies connived together to commit a fraud.

  • DLA (one of the top international law firms) had an incorrect e-mail address printed on their letterhead which I corrected. I saved them the embarrassment from their clients. This shows a minor incompetence on their part.

There was so much English smugness and snobbery as to how they dealt with me.

Mr. Roger Lane-Smith, Senior Partner of DLA, and Mr. B M Casey and Mr. L A Gilmore, both senior partners in Hamlin Slowe have been informed by me in writing about the conduct of their solicitor employees. The senior partners of these law firms are hiding behind facade of respectablity instead of seriously investigating junior employees deeds.

In short, these two law firms assisted Natwest to cover up the Bank's deceitful acts amounting to fraud. These law firms earn their living through high handed and unethical business methods.

I have many experiences in several poor countries where bribes are a common place to get things done. I often questioned myself "Who is more corrupt - the people who are poor and need money for their daily living or the ones with privileged education that apply subtle methods of their positions to indulge in corrupt practices?"

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