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National Westminster Bank Fraud

now known as
The Royal Bank of Scotland Group
  PO Box 31, 42 St Andrew Square Edinburgh EH2 2YE, U.K.
Telephone: 0131 556 8555

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"An institution that is not service minded to its clients will eventually pay a heavy price. This prediction came true for Natwest Bank."
Umang Malhotra, August 1999

The incompetent and unethical Natwest Bank
is now under

Sir George Mathewson of
The Royal Bank of Scotland Group


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National Westminster Bank is one of the largest high street banks in England. This Bank contributed to the demise of thousands of businesses in the late eighties and early nineties. In the late 1980's, Natwest lost millions of pounds by lending to economically less developed countries because of massive recession in Western Europe and the United States. For example, it sold its debt at 19p for a pound to a country like Poland. In order to recover from its bad debts and foolish decisions by its management, the Bank embarked on the policy of excessive overcharging, making mistakes which led to deceitful acts by its officers. In some cases, it plainly led to fraud. In particular, the Bank targeted small and individual businesses that were unable to fight the Bank's massive bureaucracy.

All these mistakes happened mainly under the leadership of Lord Alexander of Weedon Ex-Chairman and Mr. Derek Wanless Ex - CEO.

Ethical Business Practice was a competition co-sponsored by Natwest Bank for young people but factual story ahead tells hypocrisy in Natwest bank practices.   Mr. Derek Wanless (ousted on 8 October 1999) was one of the judges of this competition.

Sir David Rowland (now Ex-CEO) who took over the position of Chairman and Chief executive sacked Mr. Wanless with nearly $5 million payment after this web site appeared on the Internet.

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBOS) took over Natwest Bank in a hostile and contested bid in February 2000. These banks spent in the region of $200-300 million in payments to their advisors in this contested bid.

The Board of Directors of RBOS disposed of Sir David Rowland, chairman, and Mr. Ron Sandler, chief operating officer, of Natwest Bank after their very short stewardship (less than 6 months) of Natwest Bank. Both received a payment of over $1 million each.

The top positions of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group in March 2000 were:

  • Viscount Younger of Leckie, Non-executive Chairman
  • Sir George Mathewson, Executive Deputy Chairman
  • Mr. Fred Goodwin, Chief Executive
  • Mr. Iain Robertson, Chief Executive Corporate banking and treasury business
  • Mr. Gordon Pell, Chief Executive Retail banking and small businesses
  • Mr. Larry Fish, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Citizens Financial Group

Sir George Mathewson

An email dated 11 February 2000 was sent to Sir George with the following questions:

1. What would be your policy in improving services for customers and small businesses of Natwest Bank?
2. Are you going to take over liabilities, deceitful and negligent acts that happened under current management of Natwest?
3. Will you dismiss staff members of Natwest Bank named in my web site?

The above questions have not been answered by RBOS.

People around the world send their complaints and/or comments about Natwest Bank with hundreds of emails/faxes. It is now the responsibility of top officials of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. What bothers me is that none of the executives have a clear and practical policy in improving the bureaucratic dealings of complaints while some of the officials have been paid millions of dollars for their incompetence, bureaucratic and unethical practices.

Why don't they ask people who have practical experience and suggestions in this respect as how to cut down bureaucracy and improve service within their company!

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